The Monger in Motion

Left picture of the group. Right me running pillow rapid. Raft Co take picture to sell back to commercial rafter and private boaters.

I had a great time in WV for the first weekend of the Gauley release.  September in WV is the reverse of March in NJ.  Comes in like a lamb and leaves like lion, and we had near perfect conditions with some rain on Saturday thru midday.

I did pack my camera, sadly with a dead battery, but forgot the charger.  I boat with a great group of friends, but netted one picture between all of them.  Pictorial historians they are not.

Getting home late for me, 1:30 AM, then scrambling Monday to get saws packed and off to the post office set the tone for the week.  I’ve been busy with my day job and whispering to saws at night.  Happily, the sharpening end of the business has picked up.  As a new card carrying member of North American Vintage Tool Monger Association, or NAVTMA, I’m working double time to keep turnaround at a minimum, often shipping back in the same week.  So thank you to those that continue to send in stuff for me to ogle.

Next week is another busy one for the Monger.  It’s a mash-up of work and hobbies.  I’m leaving Wednesday after work and driving to New Hampshire for the MJ Donnelly fall auction.  I’m mostly interested in the tailgate that runs through Saturday.

Friday Tailgate at Nashua Spring 2012

Due to my regular job, my plan consists of getting there late Wednesday, then getting up crazy early with the rest of the fools.  Thankfully for me, having a stove next to you, aka my VW camper, eases the pain.  I’ll be the only one with coffee in hand while walking with flashlights.  It’s a real sight to see grown men run across a parking lot to the boot of a car as someone pulls a table out.  I’m sure a grad student could find some interesting research but I digress.

From the turning trees of New Hampshire I’ll head southwest to Watkins Glen State Park in the Empire State to rendezvous with a group of VW vandwellers at Westies at Watkins.  The gathering is in its 11th year and becomes the fall destination for most vandwellers in the northeast.  Good turnouts number around 50 vans and drivers coming from Canada push the numbers north.  The short two days I’m there are mostly spent catching up with fellow friends, talking all things VW, and hiking the surrounding gorges.  Did you know Ithaca is gorges?

By this point most would throw in the towel but not us Mongers!  Monday I’ll head towards Rochester to meet up with a local collector to look over some saws he’s hoping to sell, and with a little luck I’ll meet up with my roommate from college for lunch before heading back home.

Round trip just under 1,000 and 18 hours of driving. I guess it goes without saying, “I love a good road trip!”

And in keeping with the circle of life theme this 16 inch Robert Sorby is in deck for a full Resto-Saw process. more shortly . . .

Joe Federici
Saw wrangler-at-large


One thought on “The Monger in Motion

  1. Joe,

    That’s way cool, I know a guy that works at a rafting company in WV, I think he works at a place called Adventures on the Gorge. I must say that looks fun, when I was in WV I spent most of my time working my tail off learning how to cut dovetails in 24″ diameter logs…lol It was sure fun! Maybe not as fun as the rafting, but in an educational way…

    Another fine saw too! You sure know where to hang out, love those old British saws! It’s a rare day to see saws like that out here. Very nice! I’d like to see after you fix the horns and get it all lookin’ spanky…


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