watery view of Keystone Saw Works

Some of you might be aware another love of mine is kayaking. Mostly white water but not having any close I also paddle the Delaware river near Philadelphia.

You know what else is in Philly. Keystone Saw Work!

It’s mostly knocked down at this point but one of the big stacks and a few buildings still remain. Mos is currently used for commercial fleet stores and what looks like a junkyard but redevelopment will have its way at some point. I’ll get some pic from land in the next few weeks but till then enjoy a view most never see.

As seen today from Google maps. The area in the pics is marked in red

What’s great about these water view is you can check out the bulkhead made from discarded grinding stones. I really can’t give you much information on the stones and how old they are be but looking at the wood and nails used give some clues. I’d love to year some thoughts so please contact me if you have info.

If you reference the google map image, I’ve posted pics from left to right. The large stack in my pictures is located right about where “Majestic Sports” is marked on the map.

These are take at low tide so you get a good view of the stones.

Most of the buildings are in not so great shape.

I’ll make some time in the coming weeks to take a few pics of what remains of the grounds. Philly has a few Disston plaques and parks in the area.

Till then enjoy the 4th!

Joe F
Saw Mechanic