Saw Monger in Motion

So just a note to say: YES I missed my update that I normally do on Sunday’s or Monday. Well we vandwellers can’t be help to a schedule as most of us don’t own a watch. That said I had a great trip. Looked at and bought lots of saws, meet up with friends and enjoyed myself on the road. More to come shortly.


Joe Federici
Saw Monger in Motion

2 thoughts on “Saw Monger in Motion

  1. Joe,

    Saw this bit on your eBay listing…

    “The repair was done with aged vintage beech from Stanley transition plans. ”

    Man, what a great way to use those transitional planes for something good! I’ll have to keep that in mind. If I run across any with good quartersawn wood in them, I’ll see if they’re worth picking up.

    Great blog, by the way. And you sell some beautiful saws. Keep at it; the rabble is watching!



  2. Hey Ethan,

    Thanks for the comment. I don’t get a lot LOL.

    That tip however comes to me by way of Matt at the saw blog and I would guess has been around for a wile. When I was at the auction in NH a few of the guys said 5-10 years ago they wouldn’t have fires to keep warm at the spring events and burn transition plans. Now your seeing the prices going up. Most of the ones with good beds go for around 20.00!

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