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Let start off with a few facts:

My favorite color is Orange. It was green at one point, I do also like gray but that’s not really a color to me. I’d say I favor earth tones.

I don’t play by the rules or maybe its I don’t take direction well. One of the two has been on my report card followed by all my work reviews.

I’m left handed and regardless of any years it may cost me I love it.

I’m not a very good speller and I’m sure you’ll find mistakes. If so please email me.

My own favorite quotes is:

“It’s not so much about being on time, as being in time”

Its something I try and remember daily.

My name is Joe Federici and I have a saw problem. . .

I’ve had many interests over the years but  In the last few I’ve gotten into hand tools. This led to a love of saws, restoration and sharpening. The idea behind this blog is to give something back to the world I’ve learned from and to hopefully a little promotion of my Second Chance saw works website

Joe Federici
Agent of Change

8 thoughts on “about me

  1. Joe, the restored Robert Pearson backsaw is a sweet little saw and cuts wonderfully. It is a bit heavier than most of the other vintage backsaws that I have, but cuts as well or better than any of them. Good luck with the new business and I know who to call if I have any Foley questions.

    • Glad your enjoying it. I thought it have a great weight to as well. Something I feel is missing from a lot of the modern “slotted” back saw. For sure let me know about the Foley. Just watch they breed like rabbits!

  2. Hello Joe,
    I found you while looking at back saws on E-bay. I’m hoping to win a few of your saws. I have recently been bitten by the vintage woodworking hand tool bug. I’m slowly being sucked into the vortex. I have a saw that belonged to my Father which, in the grand scheme of things, is nothing special in the world of saws. But it was my Dads saw, and I am into woodworking, so I would like to get it restored/ reconditioned for use. It is quite rusty and missing a few teeth. Is it possible to replace missing saw teeth? So I guess my question is ” how do I go about getting this saw reconditioned, cost, etc?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  3. Joe, we met the other day at the Horst auction. Sorry you didn’t get the “panther” saw but I didn’t go home with anything either. I enjoyed our conversation and enjoyed your blog as well. I have some hand saws that need attention and will be sending them along.

    Doug Robinson

    • Hey Doug,

      Its good to meet you as well and I appreciate the record keeping tips. Something I think I small busness people struggle with. The slice of pie I bought was good so at least that’s something.

  4. Hey Joe,

    Just received the Jackson backsaw I purchased from you through eBay, and wanted you to know how very happy I am with it. I was interested to see how the thinner plate would work out, and I really like it. I think it kinda forces me to saw with a lighter touch, which is almost always a good thing.

    I think the hybrid filing will be better for ripping, which is what I was needing. You did a beautiful job of replacing the saw plate, and I love the open handle. All in all, a really nice saw that I hope to put to good use. I will continue to watch your auctions, and hope you continue to keep up the good work. Thanks for being passionate about what you do, and delivering a fine product.

    Dan Endsley
    Oak Ridge, TN

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