Look at me! I’m a SawMonger

With all that’s been going lately, working on saws, getting the sites up and ebay It doesn’t leave a lot of time for backend things like inventory.  My idea is to number each saw and document some basic info, brand, size, price, condition and hopefully tie that in with the sales so when I get email requests I’m not making customers wait.

Fast forward to the weekend and I enlisted the help of a friend to input the data while I rattle off the info. We got through about 40 saws and while doing the evaluation (I use 1-10) on a grooves backsaw I found a stamp: Ironmonger.

How great is that.

I’ve been searching for title to use; owner just doesn’t suit me, sawwright is good but it’s big shoes to fill. Roy Underhill being the yoda of “wright’s” plus I’m not big on wearing newsboy caps and suspenders.

Looking at the definition it’s chiefly British and refers to a dealer in or trader of a commodity. Not a perfect fit but I’m more about the esthetics then the practicality or rules, so it works.
Joe Federici


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