H. M. Finch Founder’s Day Tribute to E.C. Simonds

Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog, but with winter kicking and screaming its way out, we’re FINALLY seeing signs of spring.

In the Northeast many of the tool clubs and auction houses have tool sales. I’m a one-trick pony, mostly interested in saws; plus, this being a less than full time job, at least paywise, I don’t make all of them.

I did make Patina and the Horst auctions. Both are within a few hours. One thing you learn when buying for resale is you have to have a budget. Sometimes that affords you lots and other times you leave empty handed. So far my budget has left some nice ones slip though my fingers but I’ve also picked up some as well.

Every seller is different, but when I’m putting time into something, I get a little attached to it., regardless if it’s a customer sending a saw for repair or something I’m readying for ebay.

The attachment I think comes not just from time in hand but all the time spent researching the saw. Sometimes it might be easy due to the popularity of a maker; other times it can take a while. I’m a sucker for custom etches and the unusual. These saws often are passed over by resellers just looking for resell value.

One recent example is a saw I’ve owned for many years but had little luck finding information on. The plate etch was mostly gone but the label screw was in good condition and read:

M. Finch’s
St. Louis

E.C Simonds H.M Finch’s PDF

The only info I found was a notation on Eve’s book on US makers, which had it listed and said, “See Simonds”. I did some digging on the internet and emailed a few friends. Fast forward to last week when I happened onto an article in Hardware Digest from the 20s Founder’s Day—In Memory of E.C. Simonds. I’ve attached it below but I perked up when I read that one of the speakers was a former employee at H. M. Finch. Add to that, Simonds later lived in St. Louis. I think Eve was on to something in his book. It’s possible that these saws were made by Finch but I think it’s more likely due to the age of my saw that it was a limited run, maybe done custom for Finch by Simonds. The screw also uses the Glover’s screw patent: date Dec. 27, 1887 which Simonds would have used.

If anyone has information to add I’d love to hear it. The saw in question is for sale and you can get more information on that in my ebay store.

Happy spring hunting from the Saw Monger.

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  1. Thanks for your entry.I metal detector for a hobby and just found the H.M. Finch label screw you reference at an old house site.

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